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STEDEN! - 1 2024


Your e-magazine on the perfect city break destinations!

City breaks are short but absolutely incredible, taking you to another world in the blink of an eye. You step into a whole new world, a different atmosphere, tradition and history! Sometimes that history is absolutely heroic and grand, and the whole world knows about it! You get to visit the places where you can still experience it for yourself! Valletta is a great example! It's a fortified city with the Maltese Knights and World War II heroes as its greats. And then there's Athens! The Greeks are so modest, it sometimes seems. But their contribution to Western civilisation will be unprecedented! The Greek language is far more intertwined with European languages than most realise. A visit to Athens is a step into a rich history that deserves all your attention. And there's more! Besides history, love of life is also a reason to travel to this capital: Greek cuisine is intelligent and refined, and love of the pleasures of life are also part of the Greek soul.

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Dresden als stedenreis bestemming

E-special on Dresden as a city break destination.

Dresden is an excellent city break destination. For culture lovers. For people who like young minds, fresh rebels. Dresden is the city of Elector August the Strong, who laid the foundations for the city's unparalleled art treasures. It is the city of world-class classical music at the Semper Opera. It is the city of the finest porcelain from nearby Meissen and the prestigious watches of the renowned Glashütte brand. Dresden is without doubt one of Europe's top cultural destinations. Effortlessly. Enjoy this e-magazine, a fine travel guide to the destination.


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Ervaren reispublicisten presenteren een portfolio e-media gebaseerd op verschillende reisthema's. Op sterk visuele basis wordt een bestemming getoond. Natuurlijk gaan we ook in op zaken als juiste kleding en wat vooral niet te doen. Daarnaast komt reiscomfort aan bod, zodat de trip zo prettig mogelijk wordt!

De Koninklijke Bibliotheek is de gerenommeerde instantie die de bibliotheken in Nederland runt, alsook Sinds November 2020 is ons portfolio opgenomen in hun e-aanbod. Kijk op Gratis dus voor e-leden van de Bieb!