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Joie de Vivre - Zomer 2024


Your e-magazine is all about the things that make life beautiful and enhance quality and fun in your daily existence!

We live in a fast-paced, high-tech world! And that can be really nice too! The Eurostar train whisks us to Paris or London in no time at all! The big picture is also that we are constantly running, flying, trying to keep up and forgetting to rest, enjoy or experience. But there's no need to worry! But it seems a shame to miss out on all that! There are special moments that we're going to miss if we don't pay attention! There are so many beautiful things out there that deserve our attention! This magazine is all about creating a buzz to help you take a moment to appreciate what the French call joie de vivre! The sheer joy of living! And now for something truly special! Treat yourself to some well-deserved love at the Dior Spa at the Dorchester in Dubai. Or treat yourself to some well-deserved relaxation at the W Away Spa in Amsterdam. And then, for the perfect end to the day, an IJ beer by the canal! Mauritius is still the epitome of paradise! It's the trip of a lifetime. Immerse yourself in the refined beauty on display at the Galerie Dior, or the graceful quality and creativity of Chanel under the Scenography heading. To achieve that almost impossible balance between hectic and calm, the knowledge of Ayurveda can help. It's achievable in everyday life. That is perhaps the most extraordinary thing. All this and more in this Joie de Vivre!

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Your Wellness - Zomer 2024


Your e-magazine for relaxing, taking care of yourself, getting away from it all. You-time. Away from the daily grind and stress. Delightful relaxation destinations, retreats, blissful spa hotels and experiences.

Penha Longa Hotel Portugal * Companhia das Culturas * Villa Termal Caldas de Monchique Spa Resort. Portugal is blessed with many things, and one of them is presented in this e-magazine: great options for a wellness break. 5-star, thermal or just organic. Take your pick. All with pure relaxation in mind. A moment for yourself and your soul.

€9,95 for 1 download in the next 7 days

Over en Koninklijke Bibliotheek

Ervaren reispublicisten presenteren een portfolio e-media gebaseerd op verschillende reisthema's. Op sterk visuele basis wordt een bestemming getoond. Natuurlijk gaan we ook in op zaken als juiste kleding en wat vooral niet te doen. Daarnaast komt reiscomfort aan bod, zodat de trip zo prettig mogelijk wordt!

De Koninklijke Bibliotheek is de gerenommeerde instantie die de bibliotheken in Nederland runt, alsook Sinds November 2020 is ons portfolio opgenomen in hun e-aanbod. Kijk op Gratis dus voor e-leden van de Bieb!