E-publisher for leisure travellers!

We love to travel. Have done our bit. Experieced the goods and the bads. Know our things. Seen things. Travelling enriches the mind, body and soul. We feel it is vital for all to spend time away from home, to travel.

Our media editorial vision is reason-to-travel based. Our key question is: For what specific reason would our reader audience want to go to this destination? What is its magic? We look to find that reason, and we show it to our readership.

Our e-formats are based on a visual stimuli. We present leisure travel destinations with a key-focus on the use of atmospheric photo-images, thus reaching the readership instantly and direct, with a high intensity, aiming to show our audiences what they will experience on their journey.


We are truly honoured to partner with the Dutch Royal Library, which is offering our full portfolio to the e-members of the libraries in The Netherlands. Even more so, since November 2020 a dedicated Royal Library E-magazine-App is live, in which we proudly are represented: 'Tijdschriftenbieb' the app is called. As a result our e-media are available for free to the 500.000+ e-members of the Dutch libraries.

about Leisuretravelmedia.com and the Dutch Royal Library

Experienced leisure travel reporters present you a portfolio of e-media related to various, as we define it, reasons to travel! Enjoy your favourite e-magazine on travelling, full of photographic impressions of your desired destination or next trip. Of course we also advise on do's and dont's for your journey, and on travel convenience too!

Even more than before, the KB, National Royal Library of the Netherlands, wants to offer a platform where people and information come together. Their most important task for the years to come is the development of a national digital library - together with partners in the network. Leisuretravelmedia.com is proud to be part of that!